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Wolfe vs. Montcalm

Marquis vs. James

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France's leader in the war was Marquis Montcalm (above). Montcalm  was born in Candiac near Nimes on Februrary 28, 1712. He took his father's titles in the army but did not let was successful. He had defeated the British army before in Canada. He had made Canada pretty much his own realm. In 1758 he was made military commander in all of Quebec there were no military decisions made without his consent. He was a man of great respect and highly intelligent.
At the beginning of the Seven Years War, Montcalm was given the command of French forces in north America. There was a split between french authority, this was harmful to the French. The split was between him and the New governor of New France, Vaudreuil de Cavagnal.


James Wolfe (above) would lead the British in the American campaign. Wolfe's father had a military backround and had dreamed of becomning a commander as a child. He entered the army and moved up the ranks throughout his years in the service. Wolfe was appointed quartermaster general in Ireland, but was chosen for an exposition against Rochefort. All in all, he was a man of great honor and respect.

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